Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gifts at Christmas...for the Older Set

My first dilemma when I thinking about gifts for our parents, that is, the parents of us NYNOs (the Not Young Not Olds) has to do with terminology.
Elderly, older senior, aging parent,...none seem quite right (at least, unless you are part of the First Nations culture which knows how to transform the term "elder" into a a truly revered and sought after title. Maybe we are moving towards this too?).
I'm thinking now of the 80-plusers, the matriarchs and patriarchs of their families, the great-grandparents, the long lived, the senior seniors. More discussion on this "labelling" issue to come, no doubt.
Once identified, however, gifts for this age group are usually not easily purchased in the store....no, I'm thinking of homemade dinners for the freezer, of time spent together on weekends, of links to technology (like Facebook or Skype) that will help Grandma or Grandpa keep in touch with the family easily, of minor house renos that reduce the chance of falling (like grab bars), of music (downloaded onto an ipod), of family pictures and digital images saved, of gift certificates for things like massages or dinners out. These gifts are good for the heart, mind, and body, and represent our love and affection and wishes for good health and happiness for the "older set."
So, this Christmas, write a story for your mom or dad, or read them a favourite of yours...or ask them to tell you their own stories again. Find a time to sit quietly together beside a Christmas tree or in the candlelight. Be there for each other.