Saturday, November 8, 2008


Welcome to my brand-new blog!

I'm a newcomer to blogging, (assisted by my talented daughter!), but am hoping this is a place to tell the "story behind the story" of my new book, Havens in a Hectic World: Finding Sacred Places (TouchWood Editions, 2008) and to let you know more about my passion for learning about sacred places here on the West Coast.

Since the book was released, I've been hearing from people who wanted to tell me about the places they hold dear, and why, and to talk about the ways they are searching for the spiritual in their lives. I realized the subject of "sacred places" leads to an examination of a much wider subject: our evolving spirituality in the 21st Century. So, the topic seems to touch most of us in some way...what better way to examine it than with a blog!

This is my first day as an official "blogger"...and it feels both exhilarating and intimidating. I'll let you know some of the things that are taking place in my life as a result of my book, and I hope you'll let me know your feelings and thoughts on this subject too. Yikes...I feel like I'm standing on the top of a rollercoaster and it's about to take off! Here we go!