Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two months into 2009....

Hi All,

I know, I know, this update is a bit overdue. But lots has been simmering and even bubbling up in my life cauldron. While followup events related to Havens in a Hectic World continue, I'm now getting more and more involved in researching a new topic for future writing: my mother's letters from postwar Berlin, 1946-47, and I'm learning about the situation there then for the Occupying forces, the dependents and their families, and the German people.

On that note, we're just back from a trip to Pennsylvania (for a family birthday), and a side trip to the Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, Pa, which has an archives that includes diaries,letters and writings of various military people involved in postwar Berlin, including a transcription of the oral history report given by General Lucius Clay, head of the US forces in Berlin. His wife Marjorie was quite a woman and helped organize American women to assist Germans in need and especially their children. Mom wrote about this and about seeing Marjorie Clay at the beauty parlour! (I love these personal details), and I find her observations fascinating, along with being at the centre of our Weiss family history.

I've also made contact with a group called Berlin Brats, alumni of the American high school in Berlin from 1946 on, and that's been exciting too! Now, next stop: Berlin, as I hope to plan a trip there before the year is out!

Feel free to send me any thoughts, contacts, or advice on any of this, btw!
More before too long....