Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot times, summer in BC

What an amazing week of high temperatures and sweltering people finding lakes and late night relief on the deck by dark. Last night, after a BBQ at a friend's, I drove home in the cool of the night, windows wide open, old Beatles' tunes playing, and the halfmoon shimmering, and it felt like I was a teenager again, leaving the local ice cream parlour after checking out the convertibles with cute guys in them driving up.
This type of weather is unusual here,and I love things that break our expected behaviour and routines....that bring us together in the common this case, seeking coolness in a nearby lake and later under the stars.
This too is a sacred time and space.


  1. It's funny how we use the expression "talking about the weather" to describe trivial conversation. But the weather is the dome under which we all operate. It's something we have in common, something that informs each of our days. How could we not talk about it?

    Weather is never trivial. In its extremes -- whether the heat of this past week, or the prolonged snow season we experienced last winter -- it serves to remind us of the "real" Earth, the one we are part of, no matter how many walls (or air conditioners) we think might separate us.

    Thanks for the lovely evening on your deck this week, Star. It really was magical -- as we sat bare-limbed and comfortable, in the warmth of this unusual weather.

  2. I agree that weather is not trivial at all. I was thinking about this the other day when we were stuck in Chicago for 5 hours because of lightning storms. Weather has a serious impact on our daily wonder people talk about it so much! Weather can make or break events, it can make you angry or happy or any other's kind of amazing how much it influences our lives...and I haven't even mentioned natural disasters caused by weather! :)

    Anyways, thanks for the post! Keep it up!

  3. Here, in the north, we had a few sultry 'Hot August Nights'. A rare occurence when you can sit outdoors (or lie down on the grass) and look up at the stars while a balmy warm breeze caresses you. Reminded me of being 'back home'.