Monday, November 14, 2011

Dogs and the NYNO

I was curious about whether it was a good idea to get a dog (or, in my friends Dave and Lesley's case, dogs!, as pictured here), when you're an empty nester NYNO (Not Young Not Old) type.

I've seen the devotion to dogs people have even after the kids have left, and I sure miss our dog Skipper. But what about travelling? wanting more freedom? But turns out that lots of the experts really think this is the prime time of life to add Fido to the equation....people usually have more time, money, and might especially welcome the company of a pooch at home.

So, we did the column on CBC Radio recently and already I've heard from a dogowner in Black Creek who praised greyhounds as the perfect NYNO dog...they love to sleep most of the time, so do well even in apartments, have personality, and are up for a walk when you are. And lots of them are up for adoption when "retired" from racing....interesting! I'd read about this, nice to hear it confirmed. Would love to hear more from other dog owners!


  1. That would be so great if you guys had a dog again! I miss Skipper! Your grandchildren need to get to know dogs.

  2. Yes, another dog would be great! :)