Monday, March 12, 2012

March is the month to "embrace" that possible?

So, "embrace aging" you say? If you're like me, you think that idea may be just a bit over the top....I mean, I'm working on trying to gracefully accept aging, never mind embrace it! But, since the alternative isn't great either, I suppose the idea makes least, the Victoria Eldercare Foundation thinks so, and they are sponsoring a wide array of free workshops all during the month of March, where you can explore everything from how to avoid scam artists to how to write your obituary (a writing exercise that is often used in journalism classes, by the way, to get you thinking about what's do now!). You can also learn about how to get shoes properly fitted, or be introduced to Tai Chi, or even find out how to get the most of our your next doctor's appointment! To register for these free sessions or find out more, go to the Eldercare Foundation website or call them at 250-370-5664.


  1. Star, those workshops look very interesting and valuable to all of our seniors and their family members. Thanks for letting us know about the good work that the Victoria Eldercare Foundation is doing!

  2. Hmm....write my own I kind of want to try it! :) I'd like to think I will always just stay in my 30s. ;)